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Unconscious Resources

At Stonetree Therapy, CJ commonly utilizes a type of hypnosis called Ericksonian Hypnosis. Milton Erickson, who was originally born and raised in Wisconsin but later moved to Arizona, pioneered a new type of psychotherapy that addressed the immediate concerns rather than the prevalent Freudian analysis of the day. In doing so he would often utilize metaphor, story telling and hypnosis to evoke resources that his patients were not even aware they possessed but, when activated, could be very helpful in their lives. Ericksonian hypnosis may appear different than the hypnosis often seen on TV shows and the internet. It is less regimented and it is focused on overall growth rather than compliance with a suggestion. The difference allows space for a whole self understanding with alternative solutions, beyond our immediate thoughts, to be discovered. It is deeply personalized approach that requires a therapist who is willing to be flexible, see the best in their client, and care about their lives. CJ believes that utilizing both the unconscious and conscious thinking patterns allows for more comprehensive treatment.

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