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Stonetree Therapy is different…

Stonetree Therapy wasn’t the first psychotherapy center in Waunakee but we are the oldest that still remains for a few reasons, including:

Limited caseload for better service and attention:

We founded Stonetree because we wanted to focus on quality and ethical support. Whereas the industry average is to book months out for a first appointment (up to 4 months in some cases) we restrict our caseloads so that when we do accept a new person they can be seen earlier (and more likely closer to when they most need it), and more frequently (if needed). It also means that you don’t have to worry if your therapist remembers you. 

Therapy room photo

Not your average “Hmmm” therapy:

There is certainly a valid place for support and affirmation in therapy, especially in the beginning of the therapeutic relationship. However, many of our clients tell us that they value our approaches because we don’t stop there. Although it can be difficult to sometimes address those issues, when you’re ready for the next step and to address those underlying concerns, so are we.


It’s the therapy that’s important:

It’s not uncommon for some businesses to simply add staff to keep covering the demand that has erupted over the last few years. This makes great business sense and where the owners of the business are willing to take a greater administrative role that might be a viable option. However, at Stonetree we have consciously not added staff for two reasons. The first is that we are very focused on the quality of the service and don’t want that to suffer for the sake of increasing the quantity of the service, and secondly because it would mean that Ashley and CJ would need to stop doing as much therapy to fulfill more administrative requirements. If that is reminiscent of stories you've heard from the past about local healthcare that actually knew you, you're getting an idea of our values.

Renowned approaches:

As a result of some of the above, we are well known in the community and among other clinics for our individual and caring approach. While actual therapy sessions are the most important part of Stonetree for each of us, we are regularly asked to speak to groups, provide training, supervise cases and trainees. We are known for our expertise and ethics in multiple approaches.

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