Stonetree Therapy is providing quality telehealth sessions. Both our therapists have completed additional competency based telehealth training.

Our telehealth system is:

  • HIPAA Compliant

  • Encrypted

  • Easy to use 

  • Requires no registration or subscription


Meet The Team


Ashley Clemens, LMFT

Are you feeling overwhelmed in life? Do you feel you would appreciate an outside perspective to discuss concerns with? Do you have changes in your life you would like to make happen? I can help you explore the many concerns and joys life brings us.

CJ Webster, LMFT

Are you ready to take your next step? Are you are looking to discover a new path or need a guide to talk things through with? Are you overwhelmed or confused about where to start? I bring an approach that considers the immediate concerns as well as your own, sometimes missed, resources.

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Many different situations may bring an individual to therapy. However, what is true in all is that we seek a change. That change may involve activating unrecognized internal resources, adding additional skills, or working through the steps needed for external changes. Individual therapy is a relationship between therapist and client that aims to facilitate change and improve quality of life. While therapy can be brief (only a few sessions in some cases), after the initial adjustment many people find they enjoy the journey and may pursue ongoing psychotherapy as a means of self-growth.

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New Clients

Our preferred first step in the client intake process is to have a quick phone consult to make sure we're a good match, cover some general information, and answer any of your questions.

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Distanced Couple

Couples Therapy

At Stonetree Therapy our therapists are experts in systems therapy which considers the unique patterns and personality that sometimes makes enacting fundamental skills difficult. We look at these patterns and your personal histories to reorder the way interactions are occurring. The average number of sessions for couple's therapy is typically around 12-15 sessions although this obviously is affected by how long the issues that are of concern to you have been present and the willingness of both partners to engage in the process.

There are no magic wands in couple's therapy but there is decades of research and best practice.

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Policies and Paperwork

In any modern psychotherapy practice different forms or policies are required at varying times. If your therapist has referred you to our website to download a form you'll find it here:

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Clinical Hypnosis

Hypnosis is a very useful tool to enhance the effectiveness and positive outcomes of a variety of medical, surgical, dental or psychological treatments. It is said that over 85% of all medical illnesses have an emotional component, and it is well known that emotional issues can create or contribute to physical problems which may not be completely addressed with conventional treatments. With a trained practitioner clinical hypnosis can be a unique, safe, and holistic approach to change and healing.

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Clinical Supervision

CJ provides supervision for intern and pre-licensed MFTs as well as others seeking systemic supervision for their practice. He enjoys helping supervisees develop their own approach informed by the approaches of previous therapeutic masters within a modern ethical framework.

CJ's supervision style is designed to encourage the development of the art, ethics, and science of an effective psychotherapy practice.

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