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36 percent of (mental health professionals) have suffered from burnout syndrome at one point or another of their careers.
- Researchers Rubén Díaz and Carlos Rodríguez

Therapy for Therapists

Although it was never a plan to specialize in therapy for therapists, over the years a disproportionately high percentage of CJ's caseload has been made up of therapists (between 25-50%). To be clear, this is actual therapy sessions, not supervision. While each therapist has come for different reasons, CJ's ability to change approaches as well as his utilization of Ericksonian techniques that emphasize the internal capacity of the individual and facilitate connection to internal resources seems to be a good match for many therapists.

Therapists seeking therapy often find themselves dissatisified with insight/psychoeducation styles because their training has equipped them to be able to deliver that that level of intervention for themselves. However, CJ's approach is highly individualized and allows for a unique type of interaction that's often consciously different from their own practice. This approach of changing the pattern of therapy expectations allows the therapist-client a different experience beyond what they can provide for themselves.

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