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Great marriages aren’t about clear communication – they’re about small moments of attachment and intimacy.

Dr. John Gottman

Specialists in intimate relationship and dyadic work

Intimate Relationship Sessions

At Stonetree Therapy our therapists are experts in systems therapy which considers the unique patterns and personality that sometimes makes enacting more basic skills difficult. We look at these patterns and your personal histories to reorder the way interactions are occurring. As licensed marriage and family therapists we completed additional training to understand, recognize and work with the dynamics, development, and internal rules of relationships.

The average number of sessions for intimate relationship therapy is typically around 12-15 sessions although this obviously is affected by how long the issues that are of concern to you have been present and the willingness of both partners to engage in the process.

There are no magic wands in intimate relationship therapy but there is decades of research and best practice.


Dyadic Sessions

It's not uncommon, especially after major life events that people consider returning to therapy with a family member or even a friend. Sometimes there needs to be some individual therapy before this can happen but it can also be very powerful and effective to have multiple people in the same session. Whether this be all the siblings after a parent has passed, siblings reuniting or seeking a better relationship, friends recovering from a falling out, or a myriad of other constellations, our therapists are trained to work with you towards your goals and hold the space for therapeutic work to occur.

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