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Athletic Performance

Over the last three decades there has been increased understanding of the ways in which psychology impacts the performance of athletes. Some areas of interest have included how to maximize access skills more reliably, shaping our ability to bounce back from setbacks in performance, and how to effectively further develop and store skills and routines. As such many athletes include hypnosis as part of their training.

An area often missed when considering hypnosis for athletic performance is recovery from injury. The same techniques that research has demonstrated in recovering from surgery, adjusting blood flow and pressure, and healing burns is utilized in supporting athletes recover from injury.

The experience of hypnosis is not unique to many high level athletes as they regularly experience what it is like to be "in the zone" and for other factors to fade into the background as they focus on their achievement.

At Stonetree Therapy we often utilize a GPS (Goals, Prospective Solutions, and Resource-Recovery) approach for Athletic Performance. Additionally some athletes find value in post-hypnotic suggestion, trance visualizations, pattern interruption or intrapsychic methods to encourage self fluidity and development.

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