Frequently Asked Questions

How do I pick the right therapist for me?

Getting to know anyone can be a little daunting at first, and it might take a few sessions to know for sure. Some questions to ask yourself might be:  Is this someone I can see myself trusting as I get to know them? Is this an environment where I feel safe? Have they got an idea of the bigger picture of how this difficult situation emerged? Are they seeing me as more than a diagnosis?

Why should I consider seeing a therapist?

The fact that your reading this probably indicates that there's something in your life that is troubling you or causing you concern. Apart from its effectiveness as described in the video below, not all therapy has to last for years and our staff have been educated in a number of brief therapy techniques.

What if my concern isn't to do with marriage or family?

The title Marriage and Family Therapist can be confusing. Marriage and Family therapy is the common name given to practioners who utilize 'Systems Therapy' techniques. Systems therapy pioneers found that understanding the greater context (including marriages, friends, colleagues and families) increased effectiveness in treating what many consider to be individual concerns such as depression, anxiety, schizophrenia and other life issues.

How long can I expect to be attending therapy?

That will often depend on the reason for attending sessions and the length of time the issues have been present. Generally, the sooner we start working the fewer sessions are required. "Marriage and family therapists regularly practice short-term therapy; 12 sessions on average. Nearly 65.6% of the cases are completed within 20 sessions, 87.9% within 50 sessions." - AAMFT

What is the first session like?

Generally there is some official paperwork that needs to be completed (although after booking an appointment we can send you an online link to get these completed before you attend). From our point of view as therapists, we'll want to get a good idea of the reason you're coming in, understand what goals you have for therapy and get to know some of your personal history and the history of the issue. 


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