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Family therapy considers each family as a unique social system with its own structure and patterns. Therefore, each family possesses its own unique personality and as such have different options for solutions.

Whether it's going through a rough growing patch or something more serious then having a therapist who is trained and able to recognize the patterns of structural definition of your family is essential to good results. While other therapists may say they work with families, we all know families can be complicated so it's a good idea to look for some with specific training. The only people actually allowed to call themselves "Marriage and Family Therapists" (as opposed to "I work with couples and families") are those that have this extra training so look out for the initials MFT or LMFT after their name.

Family Autism Structure

Our MFTs at Stonetree Therapy have worked within the Autism and special needs community for years. We combine this with our specialized training in family systems to provide support for families who are doing an amazing job looking after each other but want to make sure they stay strong.


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